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Hi, I’m Maria!

I’m Brazilian and I live in Barcelona, where I have felt at home since 2006.

I am passionate about languages, the human mind and its various forms of expression. Welcome and find out more about my work. Thank you for visiting my page!

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With my passion for languages and my 20-years experience as an English teacher, I’ve learned that with voice, expression and words, I have the power to bond with people, capture their interest, keep them engaged, captivate them, touch them and inspire them.

This is where my interest for voice over comes from. On this journey, trained and working as voice talent in Brazilian Portuguese, my mother tongue, I’ve learned to vocalize words well and be attentive to different intonations, melodies and rhythms of communication in order to captivate people in different ways through voice and speech.


Translation is also one of my oldest passions. I’ve been working as a professional translator from English and Spanish to Brazilian Portuguese since 2002.

I have worked with various fields and feel proud to have translated three books by the renowned Spanish pediatrician Carlos González, besides the best-seller “Baby-led Weaning“, which have been published in Brazil by Editora Timo.


Some of my passions are also diverse languages and forms of expression, literature in general, theatre, Shakespeare, cultures, science, psychoanalysis, children, education, dance, astrology and gastronomy.

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